Title: the world is itself a cargo carried
Year Completed: 2017
Duration: 14 mins
Instrumentation: 9 strings and 4 percussion
Credits: Commissioned by collectif9. A work for collectif9 and Architek percussion. Text by Kaie Kellough.
Premiere: June 9, 2018 – Usine C, Montréal

This work is exclusive to collectif9 until further notice.

About the overall project:

My Backyard, Somewhere is a poetic “migration” through words and places, touching on the themes of the sea, movement, language, belonging to a place, to a culture. Join us for a special collaboration and multimedia premiere of music for amplified strings and percussion, spoken (and sung) word, and video. Words by Kaie Kellough. Music by Derek Charke, Luna Pearl Woolf, Bret Higgins, Eliot Britton, and Nicole Lizée. Video by Myriam Boucher and Nicole Lizée. Lighting and scenography by Martin Sirois.

About the world is itself a cargo carried:

"I loved the metaphor of us (all humans) as a cargo on the planet Earth that Kaie Kellough draws within his poem. But he doesn’t stop there, that the Earth itself is a cargo within the universe. Wow! At the moment I’m very drawn to concepts like string theory and multiple dimensions, so this metaphor resonated strongly with me. I’m interested — as we all are — in discovering where we fit within this world, and how for me that feeling of place, home, or belonging has been fluid throughout my life." – D.C.

Visit http://www.collectif9.ca for more information.

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