Title: Spin
Year Completed: 2012
Duration: 9 mins
Instrumentation: Unspecified with keyboard, drum set and electronic soundtrack
Credits: Written for subText
Premiere: April 21, 2012 at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery in Halifax: subText

Purchase/Rent: Canadian Music Centre

'Spin' is about the idea of disorientation.  I imagine those who experience synaesthesia feel this often.  A soundscape of spinning bowls accompanies the ensemble.  Performers play cyclical patterns on an octatonic (diminished) scale, which itself never resolves.  A short melody opens the work, but is intentionally blurred.  As the work progresses, a series of short sixteenth note fragments -- each a different length, but same pulse -- erase the downbeat and repeat (spin!) for several minutes until (at last!) the opening melody is heard once more, accompanied by a coda of pointillistic attacks.

Media Details:

This work uses a 2 channel audio file for the soundscape. The soundscape may be performed using a CD player, MP3 player, or on a computer, etc.

Links: SubText Ensemble

derek charke spin
Alkali Collective Live recording (excerpt) with Christoph Both, cello; Derek Charke, flute; Steven Naylor, piano; Jeff Reilly, bass clarinet; and Tom Roach, percussion. Recorded by Don Chapman