Title: Rewind and Fast-forward
Year Completed: 2013
Duration: 13 mins
Instrumentation: Woodwind Quintet (with optional accompaniment)
Credits: For Fifth Wind Quintet
Premiere: January 15, 2014 The Music Room, Halifax, NS


No accompaniment: Canadian Music Centre
Basic accompaniment: Canadian Music Centre
Full accompaniment: Canadian Music Centre

This work is part of a collection of works in my 'Wired' series. Most of the works are for solo instrument. This work, however, is for wind quintet and optional accompaniment. It was requested by flutist Jack Chen. The purpose was to create a work that allows a professional wind quintet to be accompanied by any type of ensemble, including community groups, school groups, etc. The accompaniment to the wind quintet can be as simple as a woodblock (or even audience participation by clapping, or using small percussion instruments), to the use of a full wind ensemble, choir, or orchestra. There are three scores: one for unaccompanied quintet; one with a basic accompaniment showing piano, a gli altri (open instrumentation) treble and bass part, and woodblock; and a full score with parts for every instrument in a wind ensemble, choir, or orchestra. The accompaniment part is optional and highly flexible.

The work is in three movements. The outer movements are high energy. The first movement tends to be minimalistic. The middle movement uses a walking bass-like line with a disjunct but lyric 'endless' chromatic melody. The last movement tends to be more free-flowing with longer active lines based on variations on a single pentatonic, or other scale with limited pitch material.

1. Rewind Allegro moderato
2. And Andante un poco adagio
3. Fast-forward Allegro animato


1 Flute
1 Oboe
1 Clarinet in Bb
1 Horn in F
1 Bassoon

The accompaniment part is optional and highly flexible. Here are some suggested instrumentations:

(1) No accompaniment.
(2) Percussion (wood block (cowbell) and snare drum w/brushes) OR audience participation.
(3) Piano or harp or marimba.
(4) Piano or harp or marimba with 1 percussion (wood block (cowbell) and snare drum w/brushes).
(5) Piano or harp or marimba (or piano 2) and 1 percussion (wood block (cowbell) and snare drum w/brushes).
(6) String quartet and 1 percussion (same as above) with or w/out piano.
(7) Concert band or wind ensemble.
(8) Choir, orchestra, piano and 1 percussion.
(9) Etc… Many other combinations are possible

derek charke rewind and fast forward
Movement 2