Title: Oikos / Ecos
Year Completed: 2009
Duration: 11 mins
Instrumentation: Soprano and Computer (Max/MSP)
Credits: Commissioned for Janice Jackson with funding from Arts Nova Scotia
Premiere: Jan. 22, 2010 Wolfville, NS Acadia University, School of Music: Janice Jackson, soprano

If interested in performing this work, please contact the composer through the Canadian Music Centre.

Oikos / Ecos translates from its Greek and Latin roots as our house—and more particularly, in the ecological sense, as our planet earth. Text for this work is derived from my own gut reactions to headlines from one moment in 2009. For example, my reaction to the headline: “British family sues over Whistler gondola collapse”, was: “we live in litigious times”. I think of the work as reflection on our current time and place in history, as well as a commentary on our own social media commentaries. The musical line is torn between melodious, at times highly virtuosic coloratura writing for the singer, and more abstract improvisations with the soundtrack. In this way a clear distinction between pre-recorded material, live processed material, and the actual singing voice is deliberately blurred. Oikos / Ecos was premiered by Janice Jackson on January 22, 2010, in Denton Hall, at the 2010 Acadia New Music Festival.

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