Title: Meditations No. 1
Year Completed: 2023
Duration: 4 mins
Instrumentation: flute quartet (4 C flutes) Can also use bass flutes or other flutes if desired.

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This flute quartet for four flutes is created in a minimalist style and uses some extended techniques to create an exciting sound world. This is the first in a series of meditation inspired works.


(1) A normal notehead indicates ordinary tone. However, often a combination of ordinary tone and chuffing attacks using "ch" sounds (on the bass flute in particular) should be explored.

(2) A triangle notehead indicates a “toneless” attack. Blow across the tone-hole (not into the tone-hole as you normally would) whilst using a harsh "ch", "k", or "t" articulation. For single tonguing use "ch". For double tonguing use "ch k". And for triple tonguing use "ch k t". Feel free to overblow at times capturing some of the harmonics and producing a grittier sound. Experiment with using combinations of "ch k t" for single tongued passages as well.

(3) A diamond notehead indicates aeolian sounds. Produce an airy sound using "sh".

(4) A square notehead indicates a note to be sung.
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