Title: Fanfare for 8 Baroque Trumpets
Year Completed: 1995
Duration: 3 mins
Instrumentation: 8 Baroque (natural) Trumpets and Timpani
Premiere: University of North Texas Baroque Trumpet Ensemble, Dr. Leonard Candelaria director.

Purchase/Rent: Canadian Music Centre

A short, raucous fanfare for eight baroque (natural) trumpets and timpani. The trumpets should be tuned to C and C-flat respectively. The two tunings are employed to create polytonality. Many combinations of harmonies are possible using only the harmonic series. Part of the fascination was to create something engaging within strict restrictions. During this time period I was playing the trumpet and was in the baroque trumpet ensemble at the university of North Texas. The ensemble toured Germany in 1996 playing this work several times.


4 natural trumpets in C
4 natural trumpets in C-flat
Timpani (3 drums)

derek charke fanfare
Recording: Royal Academy of Music, London.