Title: The Equation of Time
Year Completed: 2016
Duration: 20 mins (approx.)
Instrumentation: bass flute and guitar
Credits: This work was made possible through a grant from Arts Nova Scotia. Guitar part edited by Eugene Cormier.
Premiere: January 12, 2017 11:30 am, Denton Hall Auditorium, Wolfville, NS

This work is exclusive to the Charke ~ Cormier Duo until further notice.

The concept of time is fascinating. All music exists in a linear dimension. The Equation of Time takes this fundamental aspect of music and explores four perspectives on how time flows: Movement 1, Slow-Slow Music, explores a slow tempo and slow material. Movement 2, Fast-Slow Music, explores a quick tempo with slow changing and static material. Movement 3, Slow-Fast Music, explores very fast ornamentation, but moving slowly through a cycle of pitches at a steady rate. And Movement 4, Fast-Fast Music, explores both fast tempi and fast material. Improvisation is important to this work. As such there are many ad libitum gestures. Movement 3 is left mostly to the imagination—reading through a sequence of pitches, performers are instructed to weave intricate ornamentations. Other improvisatory material is interwoven throughout the score.

The final version of this work may include a separate score with some transcriptions of our improvisations as a way into the work for other performers.

In four movements:

1. Slow-Slow Music
2. Fast-Slow Music
3. Slow-Fast Music
4. Fast-Fast Music

Note: bass flute requires a low B foot.

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