Title: The Engine Continuum
Year Completed: 2013
Duration: 6 mins
Instrumentation: Bassoon, or Flute, or Bass Flute, and Bass instrument (double bass, piano, organ, etc.)


Bassoon & Bass: Canadian Music Centre
Flute (Bass Flute) & Bass: Canadian Music Centre

The Engine Continuum refers to an endless disjunct and free flowing melody with rapid leaps and sudden utterances that harmonically conforms to a walking bass line. The bassoon, or flute, or bass flute is the continuum, and the bass is the engine, chugging along unaware of its loquacious parter.

The bass instrument is indeterminate. Ideally it will be a pizzicato double bass, but it can also be piano or any other instrument capable of carrying a walking bass line: organ, guitar, a second bassoon, bass clarinet, tuba, etc. The bass part is available in a couple of transpositions and clefs so that it can be performed on a variety of instruments. Several transpositions for the bass part are available:

Bass in C (double bass, piano, organ, etc.)
Bass in Treble Clef High (bass flute, etc.)
Bass in Treble Clef Low (guitar, etc.)
Bass in Bb (bass clarinet, etc.)

derek charke engine continuum