Title: Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm
Year Completed: 2008
Duration: 11 mins
Instrumentation: Flute and Computer (Max/MSP)
Credits: Commissioned for Chenoa Anderson with funding from Arts Nova Scotia
Premiere: Jan 31, 2009 Wolfville, NS: Chenoa Anderson

Purchase/Rent: Canadian Music Centre

Note: the required Max/MSP patch for the soundscape is available directly from the composer. For more information please visit the Canadian Music Centre.

The radio sputters, woken but not fully.  Half asleep there are sounds––images––but then there is a return to a restless half-consciousness.  Moments of lucidity are countered by perturbative utterances, both from the flute, and from the electronic sound-scape; an analogy, perhaps, to those half-awake, half-asleep moments when we dream (REM), and those of deep sleep. Rotational arrays were employed to control pitch material in the work. The flute is doubled, harmonized, sent though filters, a vocoder, reverb and other effects; it is sampled live and looped.  Pre-recorded sound-files include tuning radio stations, static hiss, water flushing, voices, low drones, a double bass countermelody, and an accordion.  Crickets chirp at the end; perhaps this is the beginning again––deep sleep's arrival.  Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm was commissioned by Chenoa Anderson with funding provided by Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage, and premiered at Shattering the Silence 2009, the Acadia New Music Festival.

Media Details:

Laptop computer (Mac or PC)
Max/MSP or RunTime
Audio Interface (mixer etc... if required)
Microphone for the flute
At least 2 speakers

derek charke disturbances of circadian