Title: Cross-Talk
Year Completed: 2008
Duration: 5 mins
Instrumentation: 3 Groups of Flutes (any number)
Credits: For the Redshift Music Society, Vancouver Canada
Premiere: Mar 14, 2008, Vancouver, BC, Sinclair Centre Mall: Redshift Music

Purchase/Rent: Canadian Music Centre

Flutists are to be positioned around the hall or space. There are 3 groups of any number of flutes. Each plays the exact same material but slightly out of time from the others therefore creating a blurred effect. Group 1 (piccolos and flutes) performs a 2 minute melody, Groups 2 and 3 answer after this first statement of the melody with jet whistles, slowly taking more time until the end. Group 1 repeats the melody again, after a minute rest, over the jet whistles for the last 2 minutes.

Three groups of flutes –

Group 1: any number of piccolos and flutes
Group 2: any number of flutes
Group 3: any number of flutes

derek charke cross talk
Multi-tracked flutes