Title: Catch
Year Completed: 2016
Duration: 10 mins
Instrumentation: flute and percussion
Credits: Commissioned by The Midnight Sun Two: Kathryn Hendrickson (flute) and Christopher Eagles (percussion)
Premiere: Tue. April 25, 2017, Grusin Music Hall, Boulder, CO

Purchase: Canadian Music Centre

The idea of catch is embedded several ways. For much of the work performers must "catch" unison rhythms precisely. Grace notes are also "caught" as quickly as possible while trying to keep the pulse. Sometimes this game of catch occurs in succession—one performer directly follows the other—and at other times the catch happens in unison, or on its own. The language of this work is perhaps more complicated than in some of my recent compositions. Underlying the more atonal language are hidden harmonic progressions and other subversive "catches"! In composing for such accomplished performers as Kathryn Hendrickson & Christopher Eagles I wanted to write for them a virtuosic composition. I also wanted revisit my love of modernist styles of music. Essentially this work is an attempt to combine the modernist style of composition found in my earlier compositions, such as "What do the Birds Think? " (2002) with a less complicated vocabulary, playfulness and rhythmic drive indicative of my more recent work, such as "In Sonorous Falling Tones" (2015). As a flutist, I also have explored the gamut of extended sounds. This work includes several of these techniques such as harsh attacks, singing, and jet whistles, amongst others. The percussionist performs on a small drum kit plus vibraphone.


C Flute (Amplification is optional, but recommended)
Percussion — Drum Kit and Vibraphone


Kick bass
5 Woodblocks
Floor tom
Rack tom
Break drum
4 Cymbals

derek charke catch