Title: Beat
Year Completed: 2012
Duration: Indeterminate (15 to 45 mins)
Instrumentation: Unspecified, with Drum Set
Credits: Composed for subText
Premiere: Nov. 14, 2012, Denton Hall Auditorium, Wolfville, Nova Scotia: , subText Ensemble

Purchase/Rent: Canadian Music Centre

Beat refers to the steady beat that occurs throughout the work. The work is improvisatory in nature and was written for the Halifax based subText Ensemble led by composer Steven Naylor. There should be a small group of players who keep the steady beat throughout and another larger group that performs the pitch and rhythmic material overtop.


Open instrumentation with drum-set or percussion. Any combination of instruments can perform this work.

Parts are available for:

C Treble (flute, oboe, voice, percussion, marimba, harp, piano, guitar, violin, etc.)
C Bass (bassoon, trombone, tuba, percussion, marimba, harp, piano, cello, bass, etc.)
C Alto Clef (viola, etc.)
Bb High (clarinet, etc.)
Bb Low (soprano sax, tenor sax, trumpet, etc.)
Bb Lowest (bass clarinet, etc.)
Eb Treble (alto and baritone saxophone, etc.)
F Treble (horn, etc.)

Order of events:

(1) Percussion starts the piece.
(2) Piano / Bass / Other enters shortly thereafter.
(3) All other instruments follow this entering at random intervals. When you have completed the pitch material (15 or more minutes) stop playing.
(4) Percussion and Piano / Bass / Other ends the piece. Stop together on the and of beat 4. A cue will be necessary.

derek charke beat
Mark Adam, percussion; Christoph Both, cello; Derek Charke, flute; Steven Naylor, piano; Jeff Reilly, bass clarinet; and Tom Roach, percussion