Bathymetric Terrains Update

Bathymetric Terrains is finished! We're (The Charke~Cormier Duo) in the final rehearsals in preparation for the premiere on Sun. Aug 25, 2019 (2pm to 3pm) at the 21st Century Guitar conference in Ottawa. We'll be presenting the work in Freiman Hall at the University of Ottawa.

Here's a few pictures of the setup. We're using DPA microphones for the guitar and two flutes; a MIDI mouse foot pedal to forward events; Max/MSP/Jitter to run the processing and playback of sound files and video; and everything is routed through the MOTU 828 Ultralight audio interface.




AEMS – The Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio

AEMS, the Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio, is now complete. Steven Naylor and I sat down for a conversation with Research Nova Scotia recently to discuss the studio. A press release is also available here:

YouTube Videos

Always exciting to see new videos online. Here's a few that I've only just discovered. Some amazing performances! Thanks to everyone for posting your videos.

3x4 and 4x5

Two new flute ensemble works are now available from the Canadian Music Centre:

3x4 for flute octet:

4x5 for flute quartet:

In the Falling Dark 1 performed by Edward Enman

Thanks to pianist/composer Edward Enman for posting his video of In the Falling Dark 1.

ECMA Award

Thrilled to have received a fourth ECMA award! Classical Composition of the Year 2019 for the work Ex Tempore with Eugene Cormier and the Charke~Cormier Duo.

charke cormier duo ECMA

ECMA Classical Showcase 2019

Excited for the Charke~Cormier Duo to be part of the 2019 ECMA Classical Music Showcase in PEI from 3-5 pm Sat. May 4.

For full event details visit:


AEMS, the Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio

AEMS, the Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio is almost complete! It's taken a few years but now the studio is nearly ready for operation. AEMS is the first fully functioning multi-channel spatialized studio of its kind in Nova Scotia. The purpose of AEMS is the exploration of spatialized sound, acousmatic composition and interactive electroacoustic music. AEMS is located in the Festival Theatre on the campus of Acadia University in Wolfville, NS.

For more information visit:


Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm with score on YouTube

Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm (2008) for solo flute and Max/MSP is now available on YouTube with the score! Recording with Derek Charke, flute.

Lumière Immobile with score on YouTube

My first composition for flute and electronics from way back in 2004 is now on YouTube with the score.

Raga Cha with score on YouTube

I don't know why it took so long for me to put this score onto YouTube…! But here's the first in my series of flute ensemble works, Raga Cha!