The following is an official list of available works and is subject to change. Please note that a few of the works listed below are under exclusivity and will not be available until after the exclusivity period is over. Links to purchase or rent scores and parts are listed on the pages of the individual works.
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Works are published by: Canadian Music Centre, Theodore Presser, & Doberman-Yppan.

List of works in alphabetical order

4x5 flute quartet (6:30 mins)
5x6 flute quartet (5:30 mins)
6x7 flute quartet (6 mins)
After Chaos, the Earth and Love came into being orchestra (12 mins)
Aurora Dances orchestra: version 1 (13 mins) version 2 (rev. 2010) (9 mins)
Bathymetric Terrains flute, guitar and computer (Max/MSP) (20+ mins) work-in-progress
Beat open instrumentation (15 to 45 mins)
Between the Shore and the Ships; Blizzard soprano voice and Bb clarinet (8:30 mins)
Big Business flute (12 mins)
Break-Up clarinet, violin, cello, piano, marimba (11 mins)
Capricious Modes piano trio: violin, cello, piano (4:30 mins)
Catch flute and percussion (10 mins)
Cela va sans dire 5 trombones (5:30 mins)
Concerto for Flute ‘The Winds of Winter’ solo flute and chamber orchestra (15 mins)
Concerto Grosso orchestra and four soloists (15 mins)
Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra amplified string quartet and orchestra (23 mins)
Confricatio percussion quartet (9 mins)
Cross-Talk flute choir (5 mins)
Dear Creator, help us return to the centre of our hearts string quartet and soundtrack (27 mins)
Deliquescence 8 channel EA (8 mins)
Distant Voices I & II flute and piano (8 mins)
Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm flute and computer (Max/MSP) (11 mins)
Don’t be Alarmed open instrumentation and soundtrack (6 mins)
Drift piano duet (22 mins)
Ebb & Evanesce string quartet (5 mins)
Élan fanfare for orchestra (2 mins)
The Engine Continuum bassoon, or flute, or bass flute and bass (6 mins)
The Equation of Time bass flute and guitar (24 mins)
Ex Tempore bass flute and guitar (7 mins)
Falling from Cloudless Skies orchestra and computer (15 mins)
Falling from Cloudless Skies wind ensemble and computer (15 mins)
Fanfare for 8 Baroque Trumpets (3 mins)
Feeling for Snow alto saxophone, percussion, piano, cello (10 mins)
Flute Quartet flute, violin, viola, cello (4 mins)
Four Short Pieces flute and piano (2 mins)
Grey-Light Changing piano (5 mins)
Idle Landscape (version 1) flute (bass flute), clarinet (bass clarinet) and cello (7 mins)
Idle Landscape (version 2 rev. 2013) flute, bass clarinet, violin and cello (8 mins)
In Sonorous Falling Tones solo flute and chamber ensemble (18 mins)
In the Crystalline Vault of Heaven SATB chorus, a cappella (4 mins)
In the Falling Dark 1 piano (8 mins)
In the Falling Dark 2 piano (7 mins)
Lachrymose piccolo (8 mins)
Last Call saxophone quartet (11 mins)
Line to Lions string quartet (15 mins)
Lumière Immobile flute and computer (Max/MSP) (8 mins)
Mercury in Transit concert band / wind ensemble (10 mins)
Mixed Steps clarinet, percussion, piano, violin (22 mins)
Nine Lines 2 cellos and computer (Max/MSP) (10-12 mins)
Oikos / Ecos voice and computer (Max/MSP) (11 mins)
Past Winters Solstice piano trio: violin, cello, piano (7 mins)
Prelude and Impromptu violin and piano (8 mins)
Quartet for Low Brass 3 trombones and tuba (14 mins)
Raga Cha flute quartet or flute choir or solo flute and cd (9 mins)
Raga Das flute quartet (4 mins)
Raga Dohara 8 flutes (two flute quartets) (10 mins)
Raga Gyarah flute quartet and keyboard (9 mins)
Raga Nau flute quintet (4:30 mins)
Raga Saat flute quartet (9 mins)
Raga Sept 'Double' 8 flutes (two flute quartets) (8 mins)
Raga Sept 'Single' flute quartet (5:30 mins)
Raga Terah flute quintet or flute quartet and keyboard (8 mins)
Rain flute (6 mins)
Reel Variations on a Jig flute and percussion (10 mins)
Rewind and Fast-forward woodwind quintet w/opt. ensemble accompaniment (13 mins)
Sepia Fragments string quartet (original version) (13 mins)
Sepia Fragments piano version (13 mins)
Sepia Fragments carillon version (8 mins)
Shadow Leaves Shimmer unspecified instrumentation (unspecified duration)
Silenced string quartet, B-flat clarinet (24 mins)
The Sleuth for grade 2 clarinet with piano accompaniment (2 mins)
Song of the Tides concert band or wind ensemble and cd (10 mins)
Southern Express flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn in F, piano (11 mins)
Spin open instrumentation with soundtrack (9 mins)
Straight Ahead flute (6 mins)
Suite No.1 For Brass Quintet (15 mins)
Symphony No. 1 – Transient Energies orchestra and computer (45 mins)
Symphony No. 2 – Earth Airs orchestra and chorus (32 mins)
Tangled in Plastic Currents cello and computer (Max/MSP) (17 mins)
Ten Electroacoustic Studies 2 channel EA (38 mins)
Three Duets flute and marimba (12 mins)
Three Lines flute trio (6 mins)
Three Studies for flute (12 mins)
Tidelines Installation 4 channel EA (90 mins)
Time’s Passing Breath guitar duet and cd (13 mins)
Time’s Passing Breath Prelude 2 channel EA (8 mins)
Tree Rings violin and marimba (10+ mins)
Trio percussion trio (7 mins)
True North: Movement 3 orchestra (9 mins)
WARNING! Gustnadoes Ahead flute and cd (6 mins)
Water Flows Serpentine cello and piano (16 mins)
Way of Life 2 trumpets, horn, tenor trombone, bass trombone (tuba) (8 mins)
What do the Birds Think? flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello (22 mins)
Wired and Released flute and harp (11 mins) or flute and piano (11 mins)
Wired and Wound alto saxophone and piano (16 mins)
the world is itself a cargo carried for 9 strings and 4 percussion (14 mins)
Wound and Released trumpet and piano (12 mins)
Wound and Wired horn and piano (9 mins)