Title: Raga Dohara
Year Completed: 2014
Duration: 10 mins
Instrumentation: flute octet: 8 flutes (4 C, 2 Alto, 2 Bass)
Premiere: 2014 National Flute Convention in Chicago on August 8 by Dianne Aitken, Molly Barth, Christine Beard, Derek Charke, Shivhan Dohse, Sonja Giles, Kim Scott and Paul Taub.

Purchase/Rent: Canadian Music Centre

Similar to my other 'Raga' inspired works, Raga Dohara is not based on an authentic Raga, but rather attempts to create a meditative character. The subtitle for this work is 'Raga Dohara', or Raga Double. There are several instances of 'double' at play: (1) a double flute quartet; (2) even though it's notated in common time, there is a double time feel — both duple and triple rhythms are occurring at the same time throughout the piece; and (3) the second flutes play two notes (by singing and playing at the same time) throughout.

derek charke dohara