Title: Ex Tempore
Year Completed: 2016
Duration: 7 mins
Instrumentation: bass flute and guitar
Credits: Written for the Charke/Cormier Duo. Guitar part edited by Eugene Cormier
Premiere: June 4, 2016, Derek Charke and Eugene Cormier, Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance, Lunenburg, NS

Purchase: Doberman-Yppan

Ex Tempore is an atmospheric impromptu composed for the Charke/Cormier Duo. It was literally written on the spur of the moment at my kitchen table over the course of an afternoon. The guitar part was edited by Eugene Cormier. It can be performed using a C flute if desired.

Links: Eugene Cormier | Charke Cormier Duo

Derek Charke Ex Tempore