Title: Bathymetric Terrains
Year Completed: Work in Progress (2018/2019)
Duration: 20+ mins
Instrumentation: Flute, Guitar and Computer
Credits: This work was made possible through a grant from Arts Nova Scotia. Composed for the Charke ~ Cormier Duo.
Premiere: TBD

This work is exclusive to the Charke ~ Cormier Duo until further notice.

Please note: This is a work in progress, all details are subject to change.

Bathymetric Terrains is a work that muses on the ecology of oceans and tidal bays. Bathymetry is the measurement of water depths. Bathymetric maps chart the land that is covered by water. Nova Scotia is shaped dramatically by the oceans and tides. This is an electroacoustic composition for live performance, computer processing and soundscapes. The work includes multiple flute and guitar parts. Two of the parts are performed live. Additional pre-recorded parts are performed through a PA system or performed live with additional performers.

Currently four movements are planned:

1. Paths of Submergence
2. Water Is …
3. Morphing Topographies
4. Bathymetric Terrains

More details to be added as the work takes shape.

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A sample mock-up from the second movement, Water Is …