In the Falling Dark on YouTube

The premiere performance of In the Falling Dark 1 has been posted on YouTube:

World Premiere of In the Falling Dark 1

The premiere of In the Falling Dark 1, performed by pianist Barbara Pritchard, will take place on Sunday, September 7, 7 pm at Saint Mary’s Art Gallery in Halifax. For more information visit the Musikon website.


Raga Terah for Quintet on YouTube

A new version of Raga Terah for flute quintet has been posted on YouTube:

Wound and Released on YouTube

Wound and Released for trumpet and piano (the first movement), has been posted on YouTube. Live performance from the 2014 International Trumpet Guild Annual Conference. 24 May 2014. King of Prussia, PA. Terry Everson, trumpet and Shiela Kibbe, piano.

Raga Sept 'Single' on YouTube

Raga Sept for single flute quartet has been posted on YouTube.

Tangled in Plastic Currents

I’m starting a new work for cellist Jeffrey Zeigler called Tangled in Plastic Currents that will be premiered at our next Acadia New Music Festival. I’ve chosen plastic as the sound source. It’s literally filling our oceans. It’s everywhere we look, like it or not. A few years ago I created some EA etudes, including a couple using plastic sounds, so I’ve got a good sense for some of the possibilities. There are some pretty cool sounds with amplified plastic.

photo 4

Raga Sept

A new double flute quartet has been posted on YouTube. Raga Sept ‘Double’ is for eight flutes (two flute quartets). FYI – There is another version of Raga Sept ‘Single’ for one flute quartet.

Double Quartet on YouTube

A new work, my Double (flute) Quartet, has been posted on YouTube:

Sepia Fragments on YouTube

Thanks to Gillian Carrabre and Isidora Nojkovic for posting their video of Sepia Fragments on YouTube:

Krishna's Flute

A new CD by Chenoa Anderson, flute. With works by Keith Hamel, Derek Charke, Brent Lee, John Oliver, W L Altman, and Ian Crutchley. John Oliver produced and mastered the recording. Available from earsay.

Includes Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm.


Shattering the Silence 2014

Happy New Year!

Shattering the Silence —the annual Acadia New Music Festival — is quickly approaching! February 1 – 8, 2014.

For all the details visit:

Poster 2014 8.5 x 11