WholeNote Review — In Sonorous Falling Tones CD

A nice review by Allan Pulker in the WholeNote, Toronto: In Sonorous Falling Tones.

I'm particularly happy about the last quote:

"Bravissimo! This is contemporary music-making at its best. Good things are happening in Wolfville, Nova Scotia."

Derek Charke In Sonorous Falling Tones Cover

Cheng2Duo — An Elemental Expedition

Bryan Cheng, cello
Silvie Cheng, piano


Derek Charke –  Atlantic – rain/water
Jordan Pal – Central – fire/metal
Vincent Ho – Prairies – wind/sky
Rodney Sharman – West – earth/mountain
Carmen Braden – North – snow/ice

An Elemental Expedition from Normal on Vimeo.

Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio announcement

Acadia University researchers Drs. Derek Charke and Kirk Hillier are each receiving John R. Evans Fund awards from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. Announced today at Laurentian University by Minister of Science, the Hon. Kirsty Duncan, Dr. Derek Charke will receive $40,778 for his development of the Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio and Dr. Kirk Hillier will receive $155,206 for his development of the Acadia Quarantine Behavioral Bioassay Facility.

Read the announcement here: https://www2.acadiau.ca/

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.30.56 PM

Bass Flute Improv

A bass flute improv from this morning…

Calgary Philharmonic Project

On the Road to the True North Documentary Episode 6. Click here for more information on this cool project.

Premiere Performance of Tree Rings

A recording of the premiere performance of Tree Rings for John Lowry and Evelyn Glennie from May 26, 2017 — Bella Concert Hall, Calgary, Alberta. Part of the 20th Anniversary concert presented by Land's End Ensemble (Calgary) and Evelyn Glennie, featuring world premieres by Allan Bell, Omar Daniel, Luna Pearl Woolf, Vincent Ho, and myself.

Take a read through this thoughtful and detailed review of the concert by Stephan Bonfield of the Calgary Herald.

BETA Quartet performs Raga Sept

Here's a live recording of Raga Sept with the BETA Quartet. Amazing performance!

An Elemental Expedition with the Cheng2 Duo

A preview video for the Cheng2 Duo project featuring commissions from five Canadian Composers. Water Flows Serpentine was composed for this project.

In Sonorous Falling Tones Spotify Picks

The title track of In Sonorous Falling Tones is featured in Spotify’s Classical New Releases: Spotify Picks playlist with over 160000 subscribers


In Sonorous Falling Tones Trailer

A trailer video has been created for In Sonorous Falling Tones by John D.S. Adams of Stonehouse Sound. Check it out! Includes an excerpt of What do the Birds Think? and Lachrymose.